Regional SDI Facilitator Groups in the diary for 2012

We are now running Regional SDI Facilitator Groups! Get together with others in your region to share your experiences with the SDI

Join us at the sessions to:

  • Benefit from a group that is specifically for those who are qualified and experienced in SDI delivery
  • Understand how other facilitators are using the SDI
  • Bring new life to your SDI exercises
  • Enhance your skills and learn new techniques
  • Clarify any issues that have arisen since you have been using the SDI in your work
  • Network with other SDI facilitators in your area and find out more about any opportunities that may be available to you.

Depending on the questions raised during the session we may also cover:

  • An introduction to advanced conflict management – Personal Strengths (UK) are now running a new two-day programme called Have a Nice Conflict (HANC)
  • How to use the Portrait of Personal Strengths and Portrait of Overdone Strengths to develop your sessions using the SDI even further.