‘Working with SDI’ book!

It is here! At last the resource you have been asking and waiting for…

A favourite question that I have always welcomed whilst facilitating over the years has been “So what?” The opportunity to respond with “So that you can achieve or develop or do…” has always been there but sometimes not immediately obvious to everyone.

The latest Personal Strengths resource Working with SDI was designed to give the relevant understanding of the theory and SDI linked to the application of the tools so that you can answer those ‘So what?’ questions.


SDI is about creating a sense of hyper-awareness; how we can improve relationships and navigate conflict effectively every day #development

Melissa Daimler and Niki Lustig
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 For the facilitator

  • Clear sections to remind you of your Level 1 learning
  • A book that takes you further with ideas on the variety of applications available to you
  • Ever been asked “What is the spread of MVSs?” Now you have the answers in the book
  • Nature vs. nurture? Read our view on how to explain this old chestnut
  • Where does SDI fit in with Jung/Freud personality types? Get as technical as you like


For your delegates

  • A reference book that also satisfies the needs of your delegates when they leave the training room
  • How interested are they in working more effectively with each of the areas of the triangle?
  • Check out the ‘Working with…’ sections for each MVS
  • How much will they learn from having time to remember the different elements of the Conflict Sequence?

Nearly 200 hundred pages of ‘must have’ information regarding the practical application of the SDI designed and written by Tim Scudder, CEO Personal Strengths Publishing Inc., and experienced SDI facilitator Debra LaCroix, with over 10,000 SDIs under her facilitator’s belt.

The first batch of these books has just reached our store room so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the book and give us feedback call us now on 01780 480102 or email us on .


If you want to help people create conditions that connect to intrinsic motivations and find paths out of conflict and back to productivity – you should read Working with SDI.  The SDI has improved our managers’ interpersonal competence on every continent.

Anna Nystrom Gangnor
Global Competence Development Manager at Xylem

Want a credit for the full price of the book? If we think you explain the benefits of the book better that we have and would put your description on our web site (free publicity for you & your business) then let us know what you think the benefits are and when you appear on the web site we will credit you the full amount of £16.50.

I hope you continue to enjoy working with the SDI!

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