Have a Nice Conflict

Conflict costs UK businesses £24 billion per year*

The average organisation spends 350 days of management time per year on disciplinary and grievance cases**

55% of the UK’s workforce has had no training in the effective management of conflict*

Almost a third of employees allow conflict to continue, draining morale and productivity*

…Is it time to learn how to have a nice conflict?


A ‘novel’ approach to conflict resolution

Have a Nice Conflict is a fictional tale that follows the life of John Doyle as he fights to save his relationships and his career. He is an everyman who experiences the same conflicts, both large and small, that each of us experience every day at home and in the workplace.

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Call us on +44(0) 1780 480102 (select Option 1) and order a copy of this fantastic resource for only £12.50 + shipping. The lessons of the book can be used by anyone, in any situation where they experience conflict. This book is for everyone, not just SDI Facilitators!

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Throughout the novel John and the reader discover how the lessons of the SDI underpin the 5 keys to “having a nice conflict”. This is the type of conflict that consistently leads to greater productivity, stronger relationships, and a leaves everyone involved feeling good about themselves:

  • Anticipate
  • Prevent
  • Identify
  • Manage
  • Resolve.


How much is your organisation contributing to the £24 billion that the UK wastes on conflict per year?

Cost of Conflict – Benefits of Proactive Challenge & Debate

During the programme we will look at the financial cost of conflict & just as importantly we will look at the personal/emotional cost:

  • How often are you feeling at the ‘top of your game’?
  • How often are members of your team or your friends & family feeling at the ‘top of their game’?
  • How much better do you feel and what are you capable of when things are going well?
  • What are the potential benefits of feeling more energised?
  • What is the impact of unresolved or unecessary conflict?
  • What are the negative results of energy being sapped by conflict?

The Five Keys to Having a Nice Conflict

Using real-world, personalised cases, participants are taught the Five Keys to Having a Nice Conflict emphasising practical, easy-to-use skills that can be applied immediately.

Grounded in solid psychological theory with proven success for over 40 years, participants develop practical skills by learning to:

  • Anticipate and Prevent conflict before it happens
  • Identify conflict in all its forms
  • Manage conflict by approaching people based on their needs in the moment
  • Resolve conflict in ways that bring about positive and lasting results

Unresolved Conflict

Don’t carry around the weight of unresolved conflict.

We will work with participants on real cases to ensure that the conflict, and not just the specific issue, has been resolved.

We will work with participants to  help remove the weight of conflict from their shoulders and show them how positive relationships and healthy debate & challenge can lead to more innovative and lasting results.

Who Should Attend?

The Have a Nice Conflict learning experience is ideal for anyone who has experienced interpersonal conflict or wants to create more effective personal and professional relationships. Since the theory and skills apply to anyone, senior executives and entry-level employees will benefit equally.

Who can deliver the programme?

The Personal Strengths team of facilitators can deliver the programme for you.

Organisations with experienced SDI facilitators can work with Personal Strengths to develop their own facilitators to become authorised HANC programme facilitators.

If your organisation is new to Relationship Awareness and would eventually like your own facilitators to deliver this programme – we can first of all work with your facilitators to qualify them in delivery of SDI – when they have some experience in SDI delivery we can develop them to become authorised HANC programme facilitators.

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*** CPP, 2008, Global Capital Report – Workplace Conflict and how Businesses can Harness it to Survive.