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Our new HANC programme is now available

We are now running our first ever Have A Nice Conflict programmes! Relevant to anyone, from senior executives to entry-level employees, HANC equips delegates with the Five Keys to Having A Nice Conflict – Anticipate, Prevent, Identify, Manage and Resolve.

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Regional SDI Facilitator Groups

We are now running Regional SDI Facilitator Groups! Get together with others in your region to share your experiences with the SDI

Join us at the sessions to:

  • Benefit from a group that is specifically for those who are qualified and experienced in SDI delivery
  • Understand how other facilitators are using the SDI
  • Bring new life to your SDI exercises
  • Enhance your skills and learn new techniques
  • Clarify any issues that have arisen since you have been using the SDI in your work
  • Network with other SDI facilitators in your area and find out more about any opportunities that may be available to you.

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HANC – Have A Nice Conflict (New Book & Programme)

Conflict costs UK businesses £24 billion per year*

The average organisation spends 350 days of management time per year on disciplinary and grievance cases**

55% of the UK’s workforce has had no training in the effective management of conflict*

Almost a third of employees allow conflict to continue, draining morale and productivity*

…Is it time to learn how to have a nice conflict?

Have a Nice Conflict is a fictional tale that follows the life of John Doyle as he fights to save his relationships and his career. He is an everyman who experiences the same conflicts, both large and small, that each of us experience every day at home and in the workplace.

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New workshop diary for 2012

Personal Strengths (UK) Ltd. have today published the dates for the up and coming 2012 SDI workshops.

Register your interest for a specific workshops or find out about our SDI qualification process.

Personal Strengths (UK) Ltd. launch new SDI website

Personal Strengths (UK) Ltd. have today launched a new SDI website. The site is hopefully easier to navigate and more visually appealing than the last!

It is the best place online to find and sign up for courses about the SDI in the UK. Learn about the SDI and it’s users by reading our extensive articles and case studies.

We value your feedback, please send us your comments via the contact page. 


  • SDI Blog

    A brief introduction from Personal Strengths (UK)

    Welcome to the SDI Blog! We’ll be sharing as much as we can with you through the SDI Blog about the positive impact Relationship Awareness can have on professional and personal relationships by answering common questions, commenting on current affairs and reflecting on our experiences with clients. For Personal Strengths (UK), 2012 is about raising the profile of Relationship Awareness and sharing the benefits that the SDI brings with as many people as possible. This is really important to us. And we want you to be a part of it – please share your thoughts via Twitter and the comments box at the bottom of each blog post!