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As Qualified SDI Facilitators, we are committed to your ongoing success with our tools. You will always find us ready and willing to answer any of your questions regarding your use of Relationship Awareness® and the Strength Deployment Inventory.

This section of the website is for Qualified SDI Facilitators. Within these pages, you’ll find a collection of information to help you use, facilitate and market Relationship Awareness and the SDI. Not yet SDI Certified?  Read all about our Certification Process and get the ball rolling today!

Look here first for all your facilitation and theory-related questions. We’re continually adding helpful tips, articles, ideas, case studies, research and suggestions for enhancing your SDI toolkit.

SDI CD Learning Guide (4th Edition)

To help you with your SDI facilitation the CD Learning Guide & the Audio CD are now provided following completion of the Level 1 SDI Qualification Course. If you have lost them or it is some time since your qualification you can purchase the up to date versions by calling our office.

The Learning Guide includes:

Slide Shows

Over 200 slides to choose from to assist when facilitating sessions.

Reproducible Forms

17 forms for use when creating participant workbooks for SDI sessions.

Module Outlines

94 pages of exercises including some that you will experience during your level 1 programme.


13 additional activities, including the Jack & Fran exercise included in your Level 1 programme.

Programme Outlines

Sessions outlines and slides to enable you to run a 1 day SDI or 1/2 day Introduction to SDI (Taster) session.


3 video clips; including Elias Porter on conflict.

SDI Demonstration & Lead Generation

Slideshow and event flyers to help you promote your SDI sessions.


SDI Logo for use once qualified.

If you have lost your Learning Guide CD or qualified prior to 2010:

  • The full CD (with all of above content) can be purchased by Qualified Facilitators for £150.00
  • If you just require the update of the slideshow this can be purchased by Qualified Facilitators for £10.00

SDI Audio CD

An Audio CD providing a reminder of key elements of the level 1 programme and specifically the Trip Round The Triangle.

  • The Audio CD can be purchased by Qualified Facilitators for £50.00

Ordering from Us

Answer all your questions about shipping, payments, terms and conditions, delivery times and placing orders.

To order email or call 01780 480102 (press 1 for orders).

SDI Facilitator FAQ

The Facilitator section of the FAQ addresses topics and questions you may be facing in your work with SDI and Relationship Awareness®.  We encourage you to keep asking us questions about anything you may find “tricky” – chances are others have experienced the same situation and will appreciate the information.

SDI Facilitators LinkedIn Group

Do you like to share? Are you puzzled about an SDI situation you have encountered? Are you curious about an SDI application?  Post on the SDI Facilitators LinkedIn Group and interact with SDI Facilitators from around the world.  It’s a great resource and full of useful ideas and information”straight from the facilitator’s mouth”.

Join our SDI facilitator LinkedIn group here.

If you have any question related to SDI and Personal Strengths services

Get in touch with us and our team at Personal strengths UK will provide the answer.

Co-facilitation – Helping hand

There are many ways we can help you become more comfortable with your SDI facilitation, these include:

  • Delivery of a session with you observing
  • Co-facilitation of a session
  • Observation and coaching of a session you deliver

These are fee-based services available to Qualified SDI Facilitators who want to get up to speed with Relationship Awareness® training and the SDI. These are great ways to tap into our expertise in order to build on your own skills and confidence.  Contact us for more information.




Included here are a selection of articles written for – or about – Relationship Awareness and the SDI



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Online Facilitation Support


Users of SDI Facilitation Software will find this section helpful in answering most of your technical and efficiency questions.