“The best programme I’ve been on in 16 years”

We held the third of our Maximising Performance pilots recently and our first full programme will be taking place on 9th-11th October (click here for more info).

After the programme we caught up with Jo Banks from Denplan who had attended in her role as Sales Training Manager.

It was great to have you along at the Maximising Performance programme recently Jo. How would you summarise your experience?

This was the best course I have ever been on in the 16 years I have been a trainer or manager. I came away with lots of new ideas, a refreshed approach to situations and a healthy sense of self-doubt to challenge myself. The materials were excellent, the delivery pitch from Simon and Steve was just right and the actors were brilliant. I felt very lucky to be with a group of delegates who were willing to share, support and laugh while learning. Thank you!

What did you think to the format of the programme?

It was a challenging three days that allowed me to explore new approaches to performance management. The programme encouraged open discussion and participation; we were learning from each other as well as the facilitators. In fact the whole experience was learning at its best – the right mix of new information, direct experience, reflection and fun.

What potential do you see in the Maximising Performance programme?

It has great potential for trainers and managers with its modular approach. It allows people to utilise the exercises that are most suitable for their teams and their organisation/clients.

So how do you see yourself using the modules once you are back at the office?

In lots of ways – with clients and internal teams as standalone training but I’ll also look to incorporate certain elements into existing training programmes. There was so much provided to us that I am still absorbing it all and reviewing the course materials! I want to be clear on all the information before I start delivering the programme on my own.

What additional support would you like to receive from Personal Strengths (UK)

Just to know that if I have any questions or need advice on elements of the programme or its delivery that I can contact you… and it was made clear by Simon and Steve that they’d be more than happy to help.

How would you describe Maximising Performance to others in your network?

Maximising Performance is a practical and insightful course for all trainers and managers who want to maximise their team’s performance. More importantly it encourages you to improve yourself and challenge your own approach to leadership, management and relationships with others to achieve results.

We are now running the three-day Maximising Performance programme to help people get the most from themselves, others, their teams and their organisations.

If you would like to find out more please click here or give us a call on 01780 480102 (Option 2). We’d be happy to talk you through the programme!

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