Get Qualified in SDI

We will enable you to go solo in Relationship Awareness facilitation

We won’t be asking you to jump out of aeroplanes but we will be working with you to enable you to leap into the exciting and rewarding area of Relationship Awareness. We’ll work with you to help you use the SDI and other Relationship Awareness tools to make a difference to individuals, teams and organisations that you work for or with. We will:

  • Give you in-depth knowledge and the chance to apply the learning in a practical way through our two-day qualification workshop
  • Give you a variety of support materials to help with delivery once you have left the course
  • Be available to give telephone, web conference or face-to-face support when delivering or designing programmes or sessions
  • Work with you to help you move toward advanced delivery techniques

SDI Certification Process

The SDI Certification Process has three key steps and will provide participants with advanced facilitation skills and access to the full suite of Relationship Awareness® tools. To help ensure the complete, accurate and ethical use of the SDI® assessments and Relationship Awareness Theory, Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc. requires that facilitators complete, at minimum, Level 1 SDI Qualification to gain access to SDI self-assessments.

Public or In-House Qualification and Certification Workshops

Participants can either attend a public workshop to achieve Qualification and Certification, or organisations can arrange for us to run an in-house workshop for a minimum of 6 participants.

We offer an in-house service where both Level 1 and Level 2 workshops are facilitated at your centre or a location that you arrange. 
There are significant savings available for in-house programmes; please contact us for more information on this or on the public and in-house options generally.

STEP 1: Level 1 SDI Facilitator (Qualification)

The goal of our two-day Level 1 workshop is to:

  • Give you the skills, knowledge, and resources to start working with the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory®) self-assessments.
  • Learn the key principles of Relationship Awareness Theory, the basis on which the SDI was developed.
  • Discover how the SDI and Relationship Awareness can seamlessly integrate relationship and conflict management skills into a variety of applications such as leadership development, team building, conflict management, influence and communication.
  • Successful completion of this course qualifies attendees to purchase, administer, and debrief the SDI –Portraits of Strengths and Portraits of Overdone Strengths.
  • It instils the confidence to start working with the tools the very next day.

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STEP 2: Practical Application & Experience

The best way to reinforce new ideas is to start using them right away. Before moving to the next level, we encourage you to apply what you’ve learned in Level 1 and facilitate the SDI a few times in a group or coaching environment. Level 2 SDI Certification is an advanced application of Relationship Awareness tools and you will get more out of it with some real-world experience under your belt.

We certainly don’t expect you to do it alone- we pride ourselves on the support offered following completion of the two days:

  • Support discs and slides – A comprehensive pack of materials is provided  to help you facilitate your first sessions.
  • Have a question? Check our FAQ to help answer some of the most commonly asked queries about Relationship Awareness and the SDI.
  • Looking for inspiration? The case studies page shows how Relationship Awareness & The SDI have been successfully applied in a range of organisations.  Once qualified join SDI Facilitators LinkedIn Group to share ideas and discussions on SDI topics
  • Facilitator support on design or delivery: Our team of facilitators are available to provide support on delivery-design-coaching.

STEP 3: Level 2 SDI Facilitator (Certification)

Open to Level 1 Facilitators who have demonstrated experience using SDI.

The goal of our advanced two-day Level 2 workshop is to:

  • Give you the full picture of Relationship Awareness.
  • Focus on, experiential exercises, and practical applications.
  • Explore the SDI’s application in:
  • Successful completion of this course qualifies attendees to purchase, administer, and debrief
  • SDI Feedback and Expectations tools

Comparing the results of the feedback and expectations assessments with results from the self-assessments can reveal opportunities to be more effective and have a higher level of satisfaction in a situation or relationship.

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