SDI Applications

The applications of the SDI® are endless and have one common theme; better human interactions lead to better outcomes. Relationship Awareness Theory® and the SDI can be invaluable in any environment where positive, effective relationship skills will enhance productivity and satisfaction.

To see how SDI has been successfully applied in a range of settings, see our Case Studies and Testimonials.Here are some examples of the ways we’ve seen SDI used:


Team development

Ideal for any team or group situation: Project teams, virtual teams, executive teams etc.

  • Newly formed teams
  • Inducting new team members
  • Project team kick offs
  • Team building – see case study
  • Executive team coaching
  • Resolving team conflict
  • Board development
  • Family counselling – see case study
  • Addressing team performance – see case study
  • Building internal team communication across departments

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Conflict Management

Ideal support resource for any situation where interpersonal conflict needs to be addressed.

  • Conflict coaching
  • One on one conflict conversations
  • Mediation support
  • Conflict management skills training
  • Team conflict intervention
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Stakeholder, client conflict management

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Offers valuable self-awareness of those managing others. Insight into strengths and strengths overdone. Improving communication effectiveness with others. Increase interpersonal skills.

  • Integrate with Emotional Intelligence (EI) work
  • Support strategic leadership thinking
  • Increase change leadership skills

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Powerful tool to support change advocates, change managers, those implementing change and groups affected by change.

  • Supporting change management strategies
  • Developing change manager relationship management skills
  • Helping manage resistance during change
  • Understanding peoples’ behaviour during change
  • Supporting change management training
  • Building resilience

Sales/Customer services

  • Improving internal dynamics between sales and support staff
  • Client relationship management; understanding client needs and tailoring communication to client’s style


SDI, Feedback and Expectations fit well into any relational focused coaching program. They help to build the coaching alliance quickly and safely.

  • Business or life coaching
  • Ideal to extend Strengths based coaching or to integrate with Solution Focused methodologies
  • Supports conflict coaching
  • Fits with the ICF framework


Effective to enhance project team’s interpersonal and communication skills. Useful to assist “traditional” project managers to broaden their “people” focus.

  • Managing people within projects
  • Project kick-off
  • Stakeholder relationship building
  • Managing conflicted situations
  • Managing communication during contract negotiations
  • Addressing supplier disputes
  • Managing complex projects

Culture & Values

Supports company vision and values implementation, and offers insights into organisational strengths, value sets and cultural norms in subgroups across the organisation.

  • Link organisational values with personal values
  • Culture change initiatives
  • Organisational motivational values mapping


Does it look like SDI could fit into your organisation? Contact Us to find out more or have a look at our SDI Certification page for all the information on the process of training and certification.