Who are Personal Strengths (UK) Ltd?

Personal Strengths (UK) Ltd is the company in the UK behind the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) and other inventories & services that help individuals and organisations improve their relationships and manage conflict more effectively.

Close co-operation and working in harmony are vital components for the success of any organisation. Building strong teams and utilising the strengths of all of its members largely depends on the quality of relationships.

Recruiting and developing experts is no longer enough to ensure the success of today’s business. We must create organisations in which everyone feels open to give, receive and develop new ideas. This encourages creativity, increases mutual respect and keeps energy levels high. Interpersonal conflict is, sometimes inevitable. Early recognition, when managed correctly, can contribute to creative solutions and stronger relationships without laying down emotional baggage.

What we do:

We assist people to transform their workplaces and lives by increasing their relationship effectiveness. Our relationship building resources and services offer easy and practical solutions to issues that are impacting organisational and individual performance.

  • We are the only organisation in the UK who can qualify people to use SDI and complimentary tools within the Relationship Awareness suite of inventories.
  • We assist organisations to integrate SDI into their Learning & Development initiatives
  • We partner with organisations to increase their relationship intelligence
  • We consult with organisations who seek to build a strengths based culture
  • We work with people and teams to resolve “tricky” or conflicted relationships
  • We train and coach managers and leaders to improve their relationship effectiveness
  • We train people to build their connections and increase their relational strengths and skills
  • We distribute Personal Strengths Publishing self awareness resources, including the SDI

How we do it:

  • By maintaining a high level of integrity and quality in everything we undertake
  • Our Level 1 & Level 2 certification programmes are designed to ensure facilitators are prepared to a level where they can, not only be competent, but also proficient in practical application of the tools
  • By providing follow up support to newly qualified facilitators either at the end of a phone, via web conference or through coaching or joint delivery
  • By always looking to add value – we would expect clients to feel that we have provided them an answer to their query and often that we have gone beyond the initial enquiry
  • By ensuring all of our team have a focus on making the client experience as good as it possibly can be
  • By ensuring we truly understand client requirements so we provide the best support and solution (not just responding to the request itself)
  • By always looking to contribute to a practical change and measurable difference

Does your organisation recognise the link between quality relationships and organisational performance?

Is relational thinking at the heart of every action your people take, every decision they make?

Is relationship effectiveness integrated into your culture?

Is relationship management more than a role statement?

Are your people using relationship intelligence to achieve better outcomes?

They can be, and the benefits can be yours! Just talk to us at Personal Strengths (UK) Ltd. today

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