SDI Case Studies

Read some SDI success stories from the UK and around the world:


Captain Leadership, NWA World Traveller (PDF)
Application of SDI with captains in Northwest Airlines.

Medical, Crisis and Emergency

SDI Supports a Volunteer Emergency Service Organisation Working for the Community – Gina Mammone (PDF)
Using SDI to help our SES Volunteers during some of the their most difficult moments.

SDI Wins ‘Street Cred’ with the Australian Army – Lt Col Mike Bonner, Senior Psychologist Army Aviation
Australian Army Aviation utilise SDI to improve mission critical teamwork skills.

SDI Strengthens Healthcare Leadership Skills in Resource-Poor Countries
Using SDI to help healthcare teams work closer, more efficiently, and deliver vital, lifesaving results.

Getting a Team Back on Track – Mick Walsh (PDF)
How SDI helped this health care team to decrease absenteeism by 33%, increase team leader effectiveness, save jobs and achieve the best performance indicators in the State.

Using SDI in Emergency Management (PDF)
Utilising the SDI to help people work effectively in high pressure situations.

Family and Personal Relationships

Improving Harmony in the Home: Using SDI to Improve Relationships between Parents and Children – Denise Archie, Coaching College (PDF)
Using SDI & Relationship Awareness in Personal Development. Contributed by consulting psychologist and author, Hilary Tupling, outlines how SDI helps to people to develop a new sense of self-respect.

Sales Training

“Just Add Water…” – Integrating the SDI (PDF)
An introduction to how SDI can be applied to sales.

Lexus – a Portrait of Sales Perfection (PDF)
Read about how Lexus used SDI to help sales people build strong relationships with customers, impacting positively on the bottom line.


Leadership Training Translates to Potential $100k Saving (PDF)
A powerful example of the ROI on training dollar that every organisation seeks.


Nextel Partners Sees 1,570% Improvement Using SDI for Conflict (PDF)
Keith Catchpole, former National Leadership Training Manager for Nextel Partners, Inc.

The SDI Ensures a Successful Mediation and Substantial Cost Savings to an International Service Organization (PDF)
Judy Hemmingsen, Managing Director of Personal Strengths, Canada


SDI: Diving Deeper and Working More Effectively – Donna Dainton (PDF)
Applying SDI to achieve positive personal and business outcomes for teams of all sizes.

SDI & Team Functioning – by Lea Symonds
This short paper offers some thoughts on how to improve team functioning.

Understand Yourself Better and You’ll Understand Others Better (PDF)
Contributed by organisational development consultant, Thistle Anderson, this case study looks at how SDI was used to build productive work teams.

It’s Non-Threatening and Non-labelling – They’re the things we like most about the SDI (PDF)
Working in a dangerous environment presents challenges for teams. This article presents a study of how SDI has been used to prepare team leaders for Antarctic service.

Living to extremes – Volvo Ocean Race (PDF)
Rob Lewis shows how learning and development can make a real difference to teamworking in the most extreme conditions

People and Performance

Using SDI to Unlock the Potential of Your Employees – Jenny Briggs, Arrow Training Service (PDF)
Demonstrating SDI in helping team members realise their group potential by better understanding themselves and others. 

Palette for Progress — Katania Hackman PhD.
In this article, Dr Hackman provides interesting ideas for utilising SDI in performance management.

Job candidates get Involved and Interested with the SDI Process – it’s warmly received – Steven Johnson (PDF)
In this article, organisational psychologist Steve Johnson outlines how SDI has been used as an educational instrument and validation check as part of an innovative recruitment process.

Business Performance

Behaviour is Critical to Productivity! – Bonne Mattick, M.A.Ed., MBA (PDF)
A discussion on the impact of behaviour on productivity

It’s Something out of the Box: Using SDI to Improve Business Performance — Mick Walsh, Southbank Management Consultancy Pty Ltd. (PDF)
The benefits that SDI integration can deliver to employees, managers and the bottom line.

How the Business Bottom Line Benefits When People Really Matter – Bob Laws
This article is based on the successful use of SDI over an extended period, in a large New Zealand supermarket. Developed from interviews between Lea Symonds, Phil Laurence (SDI Master Trainer) and Bob Laws (Training Manager, Te Rapa New World)

Update! Read a quick-bite article from Bob Laws giving a by-the-numbers account of how the stretagic use of the SDI has provided amazing returns on investment for Te Rapa New World.
Downsizing, Rightsizing, Redundancies – Any Way You Say It, You’ve Lost Your Job!
This article shows how the SDI was used within Northrop Grumman to help relocate displaced workers.

VA Hospital saves $335,000 after SDI empowers teams to “self-medicate” conflict pains (PDF)
This article shows how the SDI was used to avoid grievance filings at the Veterans administration.


Relationship Awareness Theory — Justus Lewis PhD. (PDF)
This article offers insights into how Dr Lewis has used Relationship Awareness to support her coaching and team development work.

Relationship Awareness Empowers Young Adults (PDF)
This article shows how the SDI is well suited to the youth market.

Coaching With The SDI – A Wise Business Investment – Judy Hemmingson (PDF)
Read about how coaching with the SDI can be applied to the CEO role, with great results.


Using Relationship Awareness to Ease Culture Clash — Phil Laurence (PDF)
This article is about how the SDI was used to merge cultures in a New Zealand forestry company.


Relationship Awareness in Higher Education (PDF)
Read how students at top US universities have used the SDI to improve their study by building better work groups.

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