Change Management

People resist change for different reasons. Change Management training that integrates the SDI can help those responsible for the changes to anticipate resistance and plan resistance-lowering activities. People who are impacted by the change can identify where their own resistance is coming from and manage this more productively. In Relationship Awareness terms, people who score highly in Blue (Altruistic-Nurturing) may resist change that negatively impacts others, or that seems too results-focused. Others who score highly in the Green (Analytic-Autonomising) may resist change that is not well thought through or properly researched. The list goes on for each Motivational Value System and many people manifest their resistance to change by entering conflict. It is at this critical juncture that change efforts are won or lost – if conflict can be identified and leveraged to create win-win solutions, needed change can happen, if conflict is overlooked or allowed to progress into second or third stage (a Relationship Awareness concept) it will most likely fail to meet its objectives.