SDI Level 2 (Certification)


The next step in raising your Relationship Awareness… This advanced train-the-trainer workshop is two days of insightful learning packed with solid theory, experiential exercises, and practical applications. Explore the SDI’s application in conflict management, performance coaching, comparative models, and relationship-based 360-Degree feedback.

Successful completion of this workshop also fulfills your requirement to gain access to the entire suite of SDI tools. Level 2 (Certified) Facilitators can purchase and use SDI Feedback and Expectations tools which truly complete the relationship puzzle. Feedback tools encourage conversations about a need or desire to change perceptions and/or behaviours. Expectations tools clarify relationship expectations in personal and professional situations. 


CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Take your understanding of conflict to new depths and participate in exercises that can be used immediately in your own work. Discover methods to find the source of conflict, recognize it earlier, and resolve it more effectively.

360-DEGREE FEEDBACK: Experience 360-degree feedback using several Relationship Awareness feedback tools. Learn how to apply these powerful tools and techniques in organizational settings to improve relationships and individual and organizational performance.

PERFORMANCE COACHING: Practice being a performance coach and receive the benefits of performance coaching based on the feedback and expectations you gather as part of the pre-course work. Be ready to provide this high impact service competently when the need arises.

COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY: Explore the roots of Relationship Awareness Theory and how it relates to current models and practices. Learn the essentials of reliability and validity, what they mean and how to make practical use of the information.


“Very rarely do I attend a multi-day training course where even one day is excellent. All days of this course are excellent. Everything is applicable in my work and nothing was irrelevant. Impressive!”
John Kennedy, Command Training Officer, US Army


  • Experience and interpret your own relationship-based 360-degree feedback
  • Learn more about how to identify the motivations behind the behaviours of yourself and others
  • Further your understanding of relating style and potential sources of conflict
  • Further your ability to choose behaviour and communication that achieves your intended result and encourages positive relationships with others
  • Learn more ways to identify the behaviours in others that might reveal they are in conflict
  • Learn more ways to confront conflict with others in a way that achieves results satisfactory to all
  • Learn more ways to identify the strength behind an apparent weakness in yourself and others.


  • Learn how to select appropriate Relationship Awareness tools based on group needs and training objectives
  • Explore advanced conflict management techniques
  • Learn more ways to use kinesthetic exercises that aid your participant’s understanding of SDI concepts
  • Review the foundation and historical evolution of Relationship Awareness Theory
  • Discover additional methods of charting SDI results on the triangle
  • Use SDI results with a group to explain changes in motivation during conflict
  • Connect SDI learning outcomes to relevant topics in your areas of interest
  • Practice facilitating SDI concepts in small groups
  • Gain more confidence in guiding individuals to an understanding of their own SDI result
  • Facilitate the interpretation of individual and 360-Degree feedback using the SDI Feedback Edition and the Feedback Portraits
  • Facilitate the interpretation of individual and 360-Degree expectations using the SDI Expectations Edition and the Expectations Portraits
  • Understand basic statistical information about Relationship Awareness tools
  • Learn advanced applications of the concept of Overdone Strengths.


Successful completion of Level 2 (Certification) qualifies attendees to purchase, administer, and debrief the following SDI assessments:

  • SDI Self Editions (Standard, Premier, Component, Easy-Read)
  • Portrait of Personal Strengths™
  • Portrait of Overdone Strengths™
  • SDI Feedback Edition®
  • Feedback Portrait of Personal Strengths™
  • Feedback Portrait of Overdone Strengths™
  • SDI Expectations Edition®
  • Expectations Portrait of Personal Strengths™.


  • FREE upgrade to the latest SDI Facilitation Guide – including additional Level 2 modules
  • Man for Himself by Erich Fromm
  • On Becoming a Person by Carl Rogers.


This course is open to those who have successfully completed Level 1 (Qualification). Level 2 SDI (Certification) is an advanced application of Relationship Awareness tools, therefore, you will get more out of it with some real-world experience under your belt. Therefore, we encourage you to apply what you’ve learned in Level 1 and facilitate the SDI at least 5 times in a group or coaching environment before attending this course.


As a certified SDI facilitator, we are committed to your ongoing success with our tools. You will always find us ready and willing to answer any of your questions regarding your use of Relationship Awareness.

*Free support offer does not include expanded services such as coaching, co-facilitation, curriculum design, software, or electronic administration support. For more information regarding these services contact us.


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