The dilemma of providing what the client needs (and not what they ask for)

I am so fortunate to have been witness to, and been an active party to, some fantastic change programmes where organisations have taken some of my suggestions and used our tools for managing individuals and teams to be more effective within Leadership, Team working, Sales etc., and the results have been eye opening.

Luckily for us, the reputation for achieving such results often precedes us when we start work with a new client. SDI has been used for the last 30+ years as a valued tool to bring organisations the kind of awareness of how they manage relationships in their business that creates major change. So, quite often, when we are listening to a group’s needs and we propose a course of action -our proposals are accepted readily. Sometimes it is quicker than that “We think the SDI is great, I have seen it and we want it here…”

Now…down to the crunch…

Venus and Mars aside – are buyers from a different planet?

I was pleased to be asked to help a large motor manufacturer with their sales teams some time ago. The burning question they had of their sales teams on the shop floor of the car dealership was:

Why would a (very well) commissioned sales person not get out of their seats to approach and greet a new potential buyer? Instead they would prefer to stay behind the security of their desks.

The answer they had received when formally asking their team was: “Because we can just tell by just looking at them if they are a serious buyer or not.”

‘Working with SDI’ book!

It is here! At last the resource you have been asking and waiting for…

A favourite question that I have always welcomed whilst facilitating over the years has been “So what?” The opportunity to respond with “So that you can achieve or develop or do…” has always been there but sometimes not immediately obvious to everyone.

The latest Personal Strengths resource Working with SDI was designed to give the relevant understanding of the theory and SDI linked to the application of the tools so that you can answer those ‘So what?’ questions.

“He’s the sort of guy you can trust”

When someone close to me recently described a person they met that really impressed them, who was definitely ‘the sort of guy you can trust’, I was interested in what was going on that led her to this startling conclusion after such a short period of time together. I also wondered if she intended spending more time with this guy who she has decided to trust (but I may not)!

With my Blue MVS working well for me, and Trusting being used as a strength regularly, it has over the years slipped down my Portrait of Personal Strengths. This is as an unfortunate consequence of trust being placed in the wrong people and or projects. Reflecting on some of these events I can identify the times when it was a really dumb decision and should have known better but on others (and one notable and very costly event) I am not sure that I could have done anything about it.

All I want for Christmas is…


My Christmas present wish list this year has on it the ability to manage my judgement and expectations of others more effectively in the future.

The Christmas spirit certainly exists in many places at this time of year and the old saying of ‘good will to all men’ in these days of political overdone correctness perhaps should read ‘increased understanding of all people’.

Specifically when we feel threatened by their words or actions or simply get the wrong end of the stick.


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