SDI Level 1 Qualification


Experience the power of SDI in action while learning valuable facilitation skills. You will discover how the SDI and Relationship Awareness Theory can enhance results in your own area of application. This course will give you the resources and confidence to start working with the SDI the very next day.

This 2-day workshop certifies you to access, administer, and debrief SDI self-assessments in an individual and team setting. Learn the key principles of Relationship Awareness and discover how to seamlessly integrate relationship and conflict management skills into a variety of applications such as leadership development, team building, influence, and communication. Successful completion of this course qualifies you to purchase and use the SDI self-assessment tools.

“I learned more about myself so that I can better understand myself and how I relate to others. This is so helpful in my teaching of others. I can better connect to my participants while instilling core diversity skills.”
Marianne Pinto, Independent Trainer


  • Identify the motivations behind the behaviours of yourself and others
  • Understand relating style and potential sources of conflict
  • Learn how to choose behaviour and communication that achieves your intended result and encourages positive relationships with others
  • Learn to identify the behaviours in others that might reveal they are in conflict
  • Learn to confront conflict with others in a way that achieves results satisfactory to all
  • Learn to identify the strength behind an apparent weakness in yourself and others


  • Learn how to select appropriate Relationship Awareness tools based on group needs and training objectives
  • Learn to use kinesthetic exercises that aid your participants’ understanding of SDI concepts
  • Discover simple methods of charting SDI results on the triangle
  • Use SDI results with a group to explain changes in motivation during conflict
  • Connect SDI learning outcomes to relevant topics in your areas of interest
  • Practice facilitating SDI concepts in small groups
  • Gain confidence in guiding individuals to an understanding of their own SDI result


Successful completion of Level 1 Certification qualifies attendees to purchase, administer, and debrief the following SDI assessments:

  • SDI Self Editions (Standard, Premier, Component, Easy-Read)
  • Portrait of Personal Strengths™
  • Portrait of Overdone Strengths™


  • SDI Facilitation Guide with slideshows
  • 1 X SDI Premier Edition, 4 X Standard Edition 4 X Quick Guide To Communication 
  • Free Trial Access to the Online System for 30 days (you pay for all inventories used during the trial)


As a certified SDI facilitator, we are committed to your ongoing success with our tools. You will always find us ready and willing to answer any of your questions regarding your use of Relationship Awareness.

*Free support offer does not include expanded services such as coaching, co-facilitation, curriculum design, software, or electronic administration support. For more information regarding these services contact us.


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